Romain Gauthier (tOkeshu)

I'm an indie game developer.


Personal: <romain gauthier at monkeypatch me> Professional: <romain at>

Irc (nickname tOkeshu on Freenode).

Associations activities and membership

UNG is Not a GULL [co-founder]

UNG is a non profit organisation I co-founded with some other students to promote the first French Free Software Master Degree.

April [member]

April is a french non profit organisation which promote and defend the free software movement.

La Quadrature Du Net

La Quadrature Du Net (lqdn) is an advocacy group that promotes the rights and freedoms of citizens on the Internet.


Framasoft is a french non profit organisation which promote free software and help to produce high quality content about free culture.

Its free software directory is very often the first contact of young people with the free software movement.

Around the Web

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