How to ignore completely Flash in Firefox?

Some of you don't want Flash in their browser and they are right!

The simplest solution to avoid this technology is to not install it. But, in this case, how to tell Firefox to stop to annoy us with the "missing plugin" notifications ?

Call about:config to the rescue!

Desactivate the "click here to download plugin" zones.

When Firefox discovers a Flash component whereas there is no Flash plugin installed, the software display the following message instead of the missing content: "click here to download plugin".

To desactivate this message, you have to change the plugin.default_plugin_disabled option to false.

By doing this, you will never see Flash related content anymore. For instance web pages entirely created with Flash will appear empty for you.

Stop the missing plugin notification

When Firefox detects that a plugin is necessary to read specific contents in the current web page, an info bar will show up to suggest you to install it.

To stop the notification, change the plugins.hide_infobar_for_missing_plugin option to true.

From now on, you will never be notified if a plugin is necessary to read some unknown contents present in a web page, including non Flash contents.


By changing only 2 options in the about:config page of Mozilla Firefox, we were able to completely ignore Flash on the web. This is certainly the proof that Firefox is still one of the best browsers :)